Spiritually-Focused Psychotherapy


CARE Counselors offers a unique form of spiritually-focused psychotherapy.  While a number of our therapists have been trained as pastors, the counseling we provide goes well beyond traditional pastoral care.  We seek to always honor the inspired writings and the faith tradition that each client or family brings to the experience of psychotherapy.  We have come to believe that an integration of the client's spiritual insights with the perspectives that science has to offer provides the sincere seeker of God’s will with actionable wisdom.


The Role of Science


Romans 1:20 states, “Since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.”  Science has a prominent place in our work, because an understanding of how God has put things together informs us not only of the way things are—which is often an invaluable reality check—but also the way things aught to be.  God’s nature and intentions can be revealed by an understanding of His design, which can be “clearly seen” in the world of science.


The Role of Scripture


While we are scientist practitioners and rely on the latest research to inform our standard of care, we have come to believe that science alone is not enough.  Our research informs us that many people that seek the help of a therapist are not content with a scientist/practitioner who happens to also be a person of faith.  They seek a professional who is willing and able to integrate their faith with science within the context of therapy.  We at CARE Counselors do believe in the inspiration of scripture and the benefit of its direct teachings to one’s personal life and relational decisions.  While we work with people of many faiths and seek to work within their understandings and traditions, each therapist comes to the experience informed by our own faith and personal relationships with God.


The Role of the Community


In Acts 28:25, the Apostle Paul said, “The Holy Spirit spoke the truth to your forefathers.”  God’s guidance comes not only from scripture, not only from science, but also from the way he has lead those who have come before us.  One’s community of faith is informed by the experiences of generations of sincere individuals who have been lead by the Holy Spirit to do the will of God and teach others to do the same.  While, in the human experience, no source of truth is infallible, God’s guidance to others can shed important light on the current situation.  In the final analysis, however, it is God’s Spirit who will help each individual and each family sort through their process in a way that is best for them and for all concerned.


Prayer Therapy Circle


CARE Counselors offers clients the option of seeking the will of God through prayer in the context of a prayer therapy circle made up of therapists and members of our prayer team.  We at CARE Counselors seek to provide a context where multiple sources of guidance and truth can be examined in an open way, so that each client is empowered to arrive at what is best for them in their own current situation.


Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | office@carecounselors.net

www.care-counselors.org | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408



Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | office@carecounselors.net

www.care-counselors.org | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408