Romulus Chelbegean

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Romulus Chelbegean, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

(LMFT 103316)




Ph.D. – Marital & Family Therapy

M.S. – Marital & Family Therapy

M.A. – Religion

M.A. – Linguistics

B.A. – Theology

A.S. – Nursing



Individuals, Couples and Families


Gender: Both


Sexual Orientation: All


Ethnicity: Any of my global co-villagers


Religious Orientation: Any

(including none)




Young Adults




Relationship Focus:




Parents and Adult Children




I Work With . . .



Anger Management

Anxiety, Stress or Fears

Attention Deficit (ADHD)

Behavioral Issues

Body Image and BDD

Career Counseling

Caring for Aging Parents

Child or Adolescent

Christian Counseling

Coping Skills


Dating Relationships


Family Conflict

Grief and Loss

Infidelity, Adultery

Life Transitions

Love and Intimacy



Peer Relationships

Pre-Marital Counseling

Professional Burnout

Relationship Issues

Self-Esteem Issues

Separation and Divorce

Spending Addiction



Who I Work  With

About Me . . .

I am just a sojourner trying to enlarge my horizon by merging it with yours.  While I can be considered a privileged member of our God-spoiled Western society, I am just as broken inside as you are.  Despite the fact that, by grace, serendipity or miracle, I might have survived a few more life crises more than you, I might be celebrating passing a different milestone than you, and I happen to successfully maintain an appearance of normality, I strongly believe that we live on the same Earth, under the same God and are burdened by the same limiting and frustrating human condition.


My Emphasis . . .

I am here to mirror your way of perceiving reality, to alleviate your emotional pain, to create the best environment that stimulates your growth from inside out, to guide your heart into asking the right questions, to help your mind find new insight, meaning, and relevance, and to support you toward accomplishing the most rewarding goals in your relational universe.


My Unique Qualifications . . .

As a seasoned male adult, in all humility, I would be tempted to say that I am experienced.  As true as that can be, loss, suffering and death, level us all.  As a son, spouse and father, I am aware of the difficulty of investing your soul into another.  As a first generation Romanian-American immigrant, I had to dig deep into socially constructed dilemmas like culture versus religion, sex versus gender, moral versus ethical.  As a student for life, I have learned that the more you know, the more you know how much you don’t know.  Beside English, I fluently speak Romanian, music and poetry, and I feel quite at home with Greek, Latin, French and Spanish.  Above all, I am convinced that, because love is both the origin and the destination of our existence and loving another human being is the most  difficult, the ultimate task ever entrusted to us, personal holistic development should be a mandatory prerequisite of holistic intimacy.


My Values . . .

In the spirit of fairly serving your specific needs, beyond love, genuineness, integrity and respect for your own individual quest for personal wholeness, for the duration of our therapeutic journey, I am open to embracing your world-view, your belief system and your set of values.

My Treatment Approach

While most of us, psychotherapists, are syncretic and eclectic, since I also teach regularly most of the theoretical approaches to therapy, I would say I am quite comfortable with practicing what I preach. Therefore, my toolbox includes:


Psychodynamic Therapies

Attachment Based Therapy

Bowen Systems Therapy

Structural Therapy

Strategic Therapy

Communication Therapy

Existential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Reality Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Rational-Emotive-Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Narrative Therapy





Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408



Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408