Experiencing Your Inner Courage


Challenging times offer great opportunities. As one wise person said, the presence of change is the only thing that reliably stays the same. Embracing change, then, is a course of prudent action.


How do we embrace change?


Change and anxiety sometimes seem to be the flip sides of the same coin. Yet, change and anxiety don't have to go together in a person's life. The presence of positive change can bring enthusiasm. And...enthusiasm can become the catalyst for more positive change!


What are you most excited about?


Is that special something a reality for you, or is your dream waiting on you for realization? You can do something about it. By following the energy of enthusiasm, that little spark that burns within your heart, you can begin to bring your dreams about.


We at CARE Counselors are on similar journeys. Our focus on caring connection has brought many good and exciting realities and opportunities to us and to our clients. We promote excellence. We encourage innovation. We expand creativity. We learn to love the things we do in life and the people with whom we share the world.


Love is the most important attractive force.


Tune into this reality and verity it for yourselves. Love is powerful!  It is when we love what we are doing that we experience joy. It is when we really love the person we are with that we feel enchantment. It is when we love ourselves that we begin to know peace.


Seek harmony within relationships.


Many people come to us to improve their relationships. Relational enrichment frequently has to do with the pursuit of peace. Conflict can be quite deceptive. The thought-forms that we often use to justify letting ourselves start a fight many times don't stand up very well when we really take a look at them. But, when conflict ceases--if even for a moment--its power to obscure what is really going on within our hearts begins to be stripped away. Peace begins to have a chance, and we begin to feel its persuasive power. It fills us with assurances that, when rigorously tested, prove to be actually true! Test them we must! For we must try out peace in order to experience it; and, this requires inner courage indeed.  The courage to give peace a chance.


Courage is wonderfully adaptive.


When you get a little of it in your relationships, you can use it at work too. The reverse is also true. If you can get a hold of a little at work, you can take it home with you. Courage is when you hold your breath, knowing that your good intentions will carry you through when added to just the right amount of action, or ...inaction.


But, you can't always be sure of it. That's what makes it courage. Courage is often the transcendence of reason in the service of something you really want and would really love to have!


Reason can be transcended, but it should not be violated.


This is where the very fine line is drawn. At CARE Counselors, we will always challenge incorrect thinking when we see it. Try this out for yourself. Challenge just one of your habitual thoughts when you get that little hunch that it may not be serving you well. Go ahead, challenge it! What do you have to lose in testing your assumptions to validate their truth?


You might do better with a slightly different idea. Ideas serve us, we do not serve ideas. Many ideas are not even reasonable anymore in today's world. A changing context always changes the reasonableness of an idea. In a changing world, we must be willing to come up with better ideas. We must challenge ourselves to put them into action.


Here's to a good idea!


I'll leave you with this: Always remember that a good idea has more value when it is thoroughly tried out. Then it becomes knowing. And, nobody can really argue with such knowing. Such knowing is the kind of confident that comes only from experience. So, let's have an experience together!













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Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | office@carecounselors.net

www.care-counselors.org | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408