Alysha Thomas

Personal Contact Information:

Mobile Phone: (909) 554-3806

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Alysha Thomas, M. S

Registered Associate

Marriage and Family Therapist

(AMFT 99501)

Supervised by Dr. Ian Chand, LMFT

(MFC 21263)



D.M.F.T. – Marital and Family Therapy

(in progress)

M.S. – Marital & Family Therapy

B.S. – Psychology


Individuals, Couples and Families


Gender: All


Ethnicity: All

I identify as Black/African American


Religious Orientation: All


Sexual Orientation: All


Ages: Children, Teens, Adults

I Work With . . .

Adjustment Challenges


Anger Management

Coping Skills



Family Conflict

Life Cycle Transitions

Marital Conflict


Peer Relationships

Personal Growth

Pre-Marital Counseling


Self Care

Self Esteem

Social Justice Hardships



Who I Work  With

About Me . . .

I am passionate about listening and understanding unique challenges that all individuals encounter, and working collaboratively to overcome these hurdles. I desire to broaden conversations around the importance of mental health, to the same standard as physical health, specifically within the African American community. It is my belief that with the right amount of guidance, support, and compassion, our capabilities are endless. Although we may not be able to control all of our circumstances, we can control how we choose to respond to them and in them. It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your healing journey.


My Emphasis . . .

My emphasis is on personal reflection, seeking to obtain a more secure sense of self that is open, accepting, valuable, and worthy of love and healthy relationships. I provide clients with coping skills and tools to maintain relationships through healthy communication and secure foundations to endure change. I also provide seminars and workshops regarding mental health awareness to decrease stigma and increase prevention and early intervention of mental health challenges.


My Unique Qualifications . . .

As a Black woman, I understand many of the unique challenges that the Black community associates with the topic of mental health. Growing up, mental health was not discussed, and was certainly not an option. The message that was conveyed was that we do not speak about family matters to strangers, and that all problems could be solved with prayer. While I am a firm believer in Christ and prayer, I also believe that God provided me with this gift for assisting others. As I reflect on my childhood, I see the value in allowing a professional to assist in processing normal life challenges. In my adult life I have attended therapy, so I am able to see both sides of the experience, and I believe this will aid me in helping to de-stigmatize counseling as a helpful option for families, couples, and individuals.


My Values . . .

I am empathic, respectful, collaborative and optimistic. I value relationships where we are able to be honest with one another in a way that will positively contribute to our wellbeing. I am open to exploring challenges and providing you with the best care I possibly can. Life isn’t always easy, but together we will make it through!

My Treatment Approach . . .

Satir Human Validation Process

Narrative Therapy

Bowen Family Systems

Experiential Therapy



Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408



Please contact us at the following: (909) 890-4466 | | 1881 Commercenter Drive East, Suite 232, San Bernardino, CA 92408